21 January, 2008

I can read!

We were at the Concordia art supply store on the weekend, when the wee man said, pointing to a sign, I can read that. And he did (Need a ruler?) I was floored.

We came home and I said, shall we try reading a book? He said, "Sure as long as it isn't as difficult as Harry Potter". So we started slow. We picked up "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus", and he whizzed through it. We then read "No, No Jack" and "Bark George". And he whizzed through those books too.

He can read! He can read. Yes, reading your first book is monumental, but considering that my son has only been taught to read in French, the fact that he picked up an English book and with only a slight accent applied the skills he learned to read in French to another language has floored me. I am so proud of him. It happened so fast.

A friend proclaims that he thinks the best thing that ever happened was the invention of the printing press because reading sets you free. I've seen it first hand. I think I'm more excited than his first step or first word.

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Shannon said...

That's wonderful! :)