31 October, 2007

We are not going to get sick, we are not going to get sick.....

I refuse to spend another winter sniffing, coughing, hacking, wiping a snotty, runny nose. And I'm just referring to myself. Shel usually doesn't get sick (instead he does things like break his clavicle). But a couple of winters ago he did develop a cough which he couldn't shake, so on the advice of my friend, Shauna, I started giving him Respir-Actin.

I don't work for this company, I don't get paid by them, so this is entirely my opinion. He hasn't had a cold or cough since he started taking it. I give him 2 capfuls every morning and he loves it. Kids love the taste. You can get it at a healthfood store or online (it is a Canadian company), it's all natural. Now, do I say it's a mirable formula? Not yet. We are going to see how we get through this winter before I make any recommendations. Actually, I am going to go out and get the huge family size bottle and start taking it myself. Last year I was sick pretty much all winter.

And now, I'm off to pick up the wee man from school to start Halloween preparations. As you know, Halloween is BIG in our house. Happy Halloween All!

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