17 July, 2007

Working on new designs

Some days the best plans just go awry. I was hoping by last weekend to have several new designs up and in my etsy store, but I was having trouble managing my time and the weather was too nice. I did find some ink that I usually have to send away to Toronto for at the local Omer des Serres. Unfortunately, they only come in small bottles. I bought some shimmer blue, red and bronze, and another chartreuse color that is non-shimmer. Chartreuse is a great color, just doesn't really fit my designs just yet. I used the blue shimmer on this Bubble onesie. The picture doesn't do the color justice, it really is more of an indigo blue. Tonight I plan on doing some more in pink and black, and possibly 2 colors if I'm really feeling crazy. I am working on some really cute bibs, and hope to have at least the screen done this evening. I'm in a bit of a panic because my etsy store is going to be in the Etsy Showcase tomorrow (and July 27th) and I want to have some new designs up. It's a good thing that I love doing this because it is certainly cutting into my sleep!!


Cara said...

I like this bubbles one :) Unique, but in a cute way :)

HipKid said...

Thanks! :)