26 July, 2007

Weekend trip to Halifax

I've lived away from Nova Scotia for 20 years. My husband is from Quebec. We met in Nova Scotia many years ago (25 years ago - we were mere children). He wantd to move back to Quebec, I moved with him. I love Montreal. It is a great place to live, but since I've had my son I miss the ocean like crazy. I guess because when we go my son turns from this little aggressive city boy to this ocean, nature loving person.
Last summer just before my son started his first year at school, I decided that we would take a trip back, just the 2 of us. We would stay at a hotel (except for the first night, we stated with my friend Mary and her family- we were best friends at university). We stayed at the Westin. Swam in their pool. Ate at nice restaurants (O'Carroll's). Bought candy at Freak LunchBox, wandered around Historic Properties. It was heaven. We had been in Nova Scotia about 3 weeks before our trip staying at Barrens at Bay. When we left, Shelby cried and said that it was not his best day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne

I know what you mean about being from the Maritimes. When I lived in Victoria for a few years I would crave N.S. so much, and it was the longest 3 years of my life.
We just got back from visiting good friends who moved to Ottawa last summer and they are considering moving back home, they love the city but there is just somethig missing by not being by the ocean.
Come and visit any time.

HipKid said...

Hi Karen,
There is no place like home. We are sort of looking into buying a summer home in NS. There is a possibility of something we LOVE coming available soon, keep your fingers crossed.