22 July, 2007

Lucky Number 13

Today is our 13th wedding anniversary. I think that tradition has gone awry in our house. Shelby insisted that it means that we must buy him a present. So we added to his growing collection of transformers. We didn't celebrate this weekend, we rescheduled until next weekend where we will go to a family run Italian restaurant in the East end and possibly a movie.

Last night I went out with my friends Jane, Cathie and Shauna. Cathie is due to give birth any time now, so we figured we needed a night out before the big day. We went to La Louisiane. We got there early enough so the no reservation rule wasn't a big deal and we didn't have to wait to be seated. The food was very good, although I ordered chicken etouffee, which I usually have a rule that I don't order etouffee when not in New Orleans, as it always disappoints. Really if you want southern food, ya gotta be in...... But the food was good and the desserts were REALLY good. We ordered 3 desserts for the table and shared: pecan pie drizzled with chocolate, lemon and white chocolate mousse torte, and Louisiana bread pudding. They were all incredible.

There was a couple seated next to us with the best baby. 18 months old and not a peep the entire meal. He sat in his little chair and ate away. His mom was wearing the most gorgeous bracelet. Her sister-in-law made it and is starting a business. I gave her my card and asked her to call me so I can have one made. I love serendipity. I have to tell her about etsy.

Well we're just back from a great day. Yesterday we bought a bike attachment for Shel so we can all go biking together. He wasn't sure at first if he was going to like it, but by the time we got home late this afternoon he was in love with it. Now we can spend our weekends exploring the multitude of fabulous biking trails around Montreal. Today we just biked around our neighborhood to get used to it, went for ice cream, went to 3 different parks. July 22 and it is the first day that has really seemed like summer.

Now we just have to get rid of the wasps that are trying to make a nest on our back deck.

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